Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012: Most of the Year In Review, Part 3

December 19
ITM Performs at the Halftime Show for the Boston Celtics

As some of you may know, Sunspot's original R&B crooner, Runna, is the Director of the In The Mak'n (ITM) Step Squad and Dance Team. ITM has been relentlessly practicing and rehearsing their performance for weeks. I, G. Jonz, had the honor of putting this mix together. I've done this many times in the past for countless ITM shows, but I could see the fire in these young dancers eyes. For many of them, this was the first time they'd perform in front of an audience -- an audience of 18,000+! The young lions had something to prove. The veterans of the team knew what to expect and gave it 110%, like they do every time they step foot on a stage. Everyone did an amazing job! Here are a few pictures from that night. (Also, as an added bonus to the night, the Celtics won this game against the Cavaliers and this is also the game where Paul Pierce scored 40 points!)

December 24
DJ Seth Chaos Releases Volume 1 of his Certified Mixtape Series

This was actually a nice Christmas surprise to us on the Sunspot team. Seth Chaos, who has worked with us on a number of different projects, has taken songs from many Sunspot releases and mixed them into a unique experience. Chaos has also included the very first S.O.U.L. Music/Sunspot collaborative track as a bonus. You can take a listen below.

December 28
Last Friday with Sunspot

Yep, this isn't happening until tomorrow night, but it's been mentioned it in the other two parts of the Year in Review, not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texts,, smoke signals and Morse Code. It will truly be a night to remember and a great way to kick off the last weekend of 2012. Thanks for reading this series. To close out, I'd like to paraphrase a quote by Shawn Michaels:

"We will give you a show like you have never, ever seen before. Why? Because we can."

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