Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights of CTR2, Part 3: HNL & Seth Chaos

Check The Recipe 2 is my latest mixtape which features 18 musical talents from the 781 area and beyond. I'll be giving some background info on two of the people involved in CTR2 in this entry. Sit back and take in some insight on the Recipe.

Seth Chaos is a major name in the underground music scene in the Boston area. You've heard of the Six Degrees of Separation theory, right? Well, it'd be very rare for you to find someone in the Boston underground hip-hop scene who hasn't heard of Chaos. He's been working on music since the 90s and is involved in nearly all aspects of music peoduction. Rapping, vocals, DJing, filming - Seth Chaos is a man that wears many hats.

HNL has been under the learning tree of music production for years, honing his craft and coming up many different R&B beats. His earliest beat that has been released can be heard on the One Night Stand album on the track, "Comfortable". Since then, the quick study that is HNL has also lent a hand in producing the Intro track for CTR2 and single-handedly composed the beat for "Take A Walk" from the Morning After album, featuring the voices of Runna, G. Jonz and J-Dub.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Time Is Nigh

For those unaware, I have been a part of Sunspot's live band, Not Sure Community College, for a little over a year now. It's been an incredible run so far and we're just getting started! We're a cover band that can do songs your mama's band can't do. We also do originals as well. The video below is our first single, The Time Is Nigh.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Highlights of CTR2, Part 2: Ladii Goddiva & Balan Braxton

Check The Recipe 2 is my latest mixtape which features 18 musical talents from the 781 area and beyond. I'll be giving some background info on two of the people involved in CTR2 in this entry. Sit back and take in some insight on the Recipe.

Ladii Goddiva wears many hats. Not only is she a lyricist, but her catalog spans a long list of achievements. Born in Dorchester MA, Goddiva has written artist biographies for up and comers around her. She has also started the Ladii Diva Team, an all-female street team that cater to different events and needs in the Boston area. This female emcee can spit on any kind of beat and plays different instruments, making her one of the more well-rounded talents on Check the Recipe 2.

Networking is a major strength of Ladii Goddiva, as well as Balan. Ladii Goddiva linked up with G. Jonz because Balan was the mutual acquaintance for the three.

Balan, or Ξәƞῼβλα (zen-OH-bee-ah), is a multi-talented singer who has the distinction of being featured on Check the Recipe 2 more than anyone else. She is a musician-professional singer who writes screenplays in her spare time. She plans to put them into action through the making of machinima films & comic strips. Miss Braxton is a beacon of creativity and ingenuity, which is demonstrated in all her creative outlets. Whenever you press play on one of her songs, you will immediately be drawn in by the power of her voice. Balan is currently working on her own music project.

Here is a song featuring both of these musically-moving women: You're All I Need

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Is This So Hard? (That's what she said.)

I'm a big fan of The Office (my previous Office post can be found here) and will definitely miss it when the final season ends this May. I've been a huge fan ever since one of my good buddies introduced me to it via Netflix in 2007. After watching the six-episode first season, I thought it was okay, but wasn't quite ready to give up on it.

The second season is what hooked me. The season began traditions of bringing amazing holiday episodes, relationship angles, and showcasing the height of being a paper salesman in an increasingly paperless world, The Dundies.

Any fan of The Office will tell you that the heart of the show is the relationship between Jim and Pam. However, I think one of the main reasons The Office fans are so loyal is the tandem of Jim and Dwight. Whether they are battling over MegaDesk or joining forces to send a common foe to Tallahassee, the jokes between these two will have your sides hurting from laughter. The Future Dwight prank is one of my personal favorites.

If you enjoy TV that gives you great comedy and situations that you can relate to, you may want to give The Office a try. I've watched it time and time again if I need a pick-me-up, an idea for a project, or to laugh at how Angela reminds me of someone I know. The show is starting it's second half of the season tomorrow. Dr. J will guest star! Here's Creed Bratton... just because he's Creed Bratton.


Second Drink

Fire Guy

Threat Level Midnight

Diversity Day

These are just a few of the great memories The Office has provided the world. It'll be definitely be missed and it always left me satisfied and smiling.