Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012: Most of the Year In Review, Part 2

Boston Community Showcase

Female MC Ladii Goddiva invited us to perform at an event she was hosting in Boston. We got in contact with Goddiva thru Ξәƞῼβλα, who is shown here with G. Jonz performing I Dare You.

Runna lighting up the stage with Sunspot's remix version of Turn It Up

This event is actually the first time that Runna and Balán Braxton (Ξәƞῼβλα) met each other. They recorded their song Thinking About You at different times and never spoke to each other before until this day. This picture shows them performing a snippet of it together with G. Jonz for the first time.

Not Sure Community College

Pretty self-explanatory, but I'll go ahead and explain it anyway. G. Jonz and C.Luk are in a band and no, Sunspot has NOT disbanded. (Disbanded... punny.) This is the first of many videos showcasing what the band can do. Be sure to Like the band on Facebook: Not Sure Community College
If you're on Twitter, so are we: @notsureband


Year In Review, Part 1

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