Saturday, October 6, 2012

Highlights of CTR2, Part 1: Walnut & Mara Bettencourt

Check The Recipe 2 is my latest mixtape which features 18 musical talents from the 781 area and beyond. I'll be giving some background info on two of the people involved in CTR2 in this entry. Sit back and take in some insight on the Recipe.

From left to right: Walnut, G. Jonz and Blak C admiring the beauty of Mara Bettencourt.

Walnut is a veteran in hip-hop culture. For over 20 years, Da Lyrical Geni has solidified in his name in the Boston area as one of the most diverse and conscious lyricists to ever hold a mic. CTR2 isn't the first time that Walnut and Sunspot have crossed paths. Walnut made an appearance in C.Luk's Extradimensional album as well as the critcally-acclaimed short film, "Captain Asian America." G. Jonz and C.Luk also lent a hand in producing two songs ("Next On the Mic" and "You Need to Stop") from Walnut's 2011 release - "Love Is In Your Face." C.Luk performs on "Next On the Mic" along with Big Brotha Sadi and Zullo Crew.

During the calendar year, Walnut hosts a series of Community Building parties where artists of all genres come together and promote positivity, have jam sessions, and generally have a good time. This is how G. Jonz met the vocalist/musican/songwriter Mara Bettencourt.

The Chef brought up the idea of making a second mixtape and explained that he wanted to expand his skills as a producer and delve into pop. Bettencourt agreed to help with this and stated that she wanted a sound that would be reminiscent of a "celestial" dance pop sound. About a week later, the beat was brought to Mara and the aural artist of Azores went to work on creating the lyrics. Soon, Love At First Sight was created and was instrumental (ha.) in leading the pop sound on CTR2. Mara's newest CD is scheduled for release sometime in January 2013.

You can listen to Walnut and Mara and get free downloads right now! Keep checking for updates as I highlight the remaining 16 voices of Check The Recipe 2!