Monday, April 18, 2011

Walk For Hunger

For those of you who may not know, the Walk for Hunger is the oldest continual pledge walk in the United States. It's a one-day walk that's a 20-mile path in and around Boston.

This year will be my 8th walk in 10 years, but it will be the first time I've done all 20 miles in 6 years.

Oh boy.

Some may call this a fail. I call it a win.

To prepare for this, I've been training my feet and legs since the beginning of March to walk long distances. Sometimes, I'll jog and/or walk for a few miles on a treadmill. If the Walk was as smooth and straight as a treadmill, I'd be good to go in no time. However, the Walk is full of twists, turns, different terrains and changing inclines - I had to get used to that, so I've also been walking long distances outside (as well as adding an incline to my treadmill workouts).

Temptation - it is everywhere!

The training was going great until today. I decided to do 6 miles outside because I had stuff to do and I figured: 2 birds, 1 stone.

Anyway, towards the end of my walk, my right heel started to feel sore. I took off my shoe and discovered that the inner, plastic part of my shoe came out and was rubbing against my heel every time I took a step. It must've happened the entire walk because by the time I was done, my sock had a big hole where my heel was!

This tore through my sock and almost through my heel.

And yeah, I know. My sneakers are JACKED up. I don't care. The fashion police can suck it. Anyway, I wanted this year's Walk for Hunger to be the very last time I wear them, but they're hanging on by a thread! Well, not literally, but close to literally.

The pen is there to show you how JACKED sneakers can get when you exercise in them too much.

Despite all this, I'm excited for the Walk for Hunger! I'll be going with friends and I'll probably meet new ones. It's a great cause and if you'd like to donate, or walk yourself, you should!

Before I go, more new music is on the way!! Thanks to everyone who's been showin love to me and everyone who worked on the remix track: Still Raw.

This will not end well.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kill Greg

I was going to type out a backstory to this, but I think I'll just let the film speak for itself. I'll answer questions (if any) in the comment section.