Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Taste of My Past Concoctions

"Huntin For The Game" is one of my favorite tracks, performed by P.O.E.S., J-Dub & Blak C. I produced this for my debut mixtape album, Check The Recipe.

I believe this is Sunspot's first music video. Bounce Back by C.Luk - produced by me.

The Cool Spot In The Heat

The story behind Sunspot Productions starts in 1999 when C. Luk decided to try the art of rapping. He chose G. Jonz to help him with beat-making. They started off simple, using the MTV Music Generator. Soon after, they named themselves the Plutos as a parody to the Neptunes.

A year later, The Plutos and Right Hook met through a mutual friend (shout out to Miguel), but G. & Hook knew each other from elementary school and lost touch with each other. This unexpected reunion was only the icing on the cake when it came to the musical chemistry the three had. Not only was Right Hook an MC himself, but he brought a new sound and new technique to beat-making. After a few months, the newly-established trio were known as Sunspot Productions. Right Hook has been a triple-threat (writing, producing & performing) for Sunspot ever since, including the hits "Let's Ride," "Seven 81s," and, more recently, "Light It Up."

In early 2001, Runna signed on with Sunspot, adding an R & B element to the roster. As the leader/founder of the ITM Step Squad and Dance Team, he brought an extra level of showmanship and an energy like no other. His protege, Quiet Storm, better known as QS, joined in the fall of 2002. QS gets his name from his demeanor being usually calm, but when he gets on the mic, his flow is lightning in a bottle.

Over the years, Sunspot Productions has brought a cutting-edge sound to the hip-hop scene of the North Shore and beyond. The Sunspot family seem to know no limit as to what they can do creatively and musically. C. Luk, Right Hook, and QS bring the lyrical flavor that won't make you say "it's just another rap song." Runna gives you that smooth R & B tip or the high-energy fire to hype up a track. G. Jonz, along with the other four, can cook beats "that's boiling hot."

Everyone brings something different to the table, but there's one thing they all have in common: delivering high-quality music & entertainment like no one else can.