Friday, February 3, 2012

Sneak Peek Beat 2

Sneak Peek Beats are exclusive clips of music that I will occasionally "leak" just because I find something unique about them. They could be beats, they could be incomplete songs. Check the backstory to find out what they're all about... Also, the music that's posted will be up for a limiited amount of time. The post will remain on the blog, however.

The backstory:
I've always wanted to sample, but I'm not very good at it (yet). At the same time, I LOVE the Resident Evil video game series, RE2 in particular. No, I don't own every iteration of the series, but I do think RE2 is a classic.

The music, in particular, has a unique way of adding to the story. The Save Room theme, especially, had an uncommon quality about it where it would be calming because you knew your character was safe. At the same time, the dark piano chords would be played in such a way that it reminded the player that, eventually, you'd have to leave the safety of that room, and go back out into the nightmarish world of Raccoon City.

The Save Room Theme

In order to sample this theme, I asked Seth Chaos for help. It wasn't long before I got a cool loop of the song. I added drums to complete the beat... After we listened to it a few times, Chaos got the wild idea to add the acapella from a Craig David song... Yes, THAT Craig David... As in "7 Days" Craig David.

Ladies and gentlemen, take some time and listen to the Resident Evil remix of "Fill Me In," produced by Seth Chaos and G. Jonz!

Hold up. Hold up. Whoa dere... What happened to Sneak Peek Beat 1?
The first Sneak Peek Beat was released exclusively on the G. Jonz Facebook Page. Like it and be a part of the fun and see sexy pictures... of me. LAWL.