Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunspot Discography, Part 5: One Night Stand

This is Part 5 of the Sunspot Discography series. I'll be posting a short summary about every album and mixtape that's been released under Sunspot Productions. To read every entry, check the sidebar labeled "Discography."

June 1, 2010

Production on "One Night Stand" started just weeks after the release of "Check The Recipe." Sunspot headed into uncharted territory as this effort would be its first completely R&B/pop album. Runna performed most of the R&B tracks while Right Hook performed most of the pop contributions.

Due to the personal & professional relationships we've built over the years, "One Night Stand" was created with help from many people. P.O.E.S. blessed the team by producing most of this album. An up-and-coming beatmaker who goes by HNL teamed up with G. Jonz to produce "Comfortable," which was performed by Runna. As far as featured vocalists go, Right Hook teamed up with Taina and Remy Redd for the slick dance jam "Come Home." Runna enlisted his lyrical cousin (J-Dub) to create the ambiant "If I Don't Have You." C.Luk, P.O.E.S., A-Class and T-Pain (yes, that T-Pain) are also heard on these respective tracks: "To Go On," "Your Body," "Mamacita," and "Everybody Else."

A few facts about "One Night Stand" that you may not have known:
A snippet of Right Hook's "Mamacita" was first heard on Check the Recipe as a prelude for the song "Just A Little Bit Closer." The beat for Runna's "Comfortable" was actually made in the summer of 2006 and was first used as a backing track for a local slide show. Finally, "Live It Up" is the only track on this album that features both Runna AND Right Hook.

Go to the Azn Wayz Bandcamp site to listen to and download One Night Stand now!

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