Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunspot Discography, Part 4: Check The Recipe

This is Part 4 of the Sunspot Discography series. I'll be posting a short summary about every album and mixtape that's been released under Sunspot Productions. To read every entry, check the sidebar labeled "Discography."

December 18, 2009

The thought of creating my own "album" had crossed my mind for a few years. Since I'm not a lyricist or a regular on-stage performer, I wasn't sure how to do it. I thought about some of my influences - The Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland - they've all come out with mixtapes or albums. Yes, they're "household name" performers in a sense, but they are primarily known as producers. As the sole member of Sunspot who had no expectations placed upon him to put out a project, I decided to finally pull the trigger.

To start, I gathered 6 to 8 R&B and hip-hop beats and emailed them to the Sunspot team, telling them my plan for what was called my mixtape, then my album... then finally, my "mixtape album." Blak C, my brother, and J-Dub, Runna's cousin, were also asked to contribute to the project. I was obviously a little hesitant/unsure about this for a while; to make sure that I was held accountable, I let the public know that I was working on this project with 5 videos documenting the making of the album.

Halfway through the production, P.O.E.S. linked up with Sunspot and showed that he not only produces beats himself, but he's also a lyricist. P.O.E.S. illustrated his lyrical ability in "Huntin For The Game" (with J-Dub and Blak C) and "You Like It," (with Right Hook) a song in which he came up with the concept.

Ro$e Marie made her lyrical debut on the album with "Let The Beat Burn" (with Runna & Right Hook) and "We Cookin It," which featured Right Hook, Blak C, J-Dub and Quiet Storm in his only showing on the project. C.Luk also made appearances on the tracks "Raw," "Check The Recipe" and "Just A Little Bit Closer," which made its debut on the "DJ Kurt presents C.Luk" mixtape. Here's the original version of the song.

R&B and pop stylings were also added to Check The Recipe with "Turn It Up" by Runna and "Caught Red Handed" by Right Hook. Thanks to everyone who supported CTR, we received reviews from other blogs. We also put out a music video for one of the strongest singles from CTR. Shout out to Kevin's Bar & Grill in Lynn (they were very cooperative in the making of the video).

Go to the Sunspot Bandcamp site to listen to and download Check The Recipe now!

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