Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunspot Discography, Part 6: Hood Certified

This is Part 6 of the Sunspot Discography series. I'll be posting a short summary about every album and mixtape that's been released under Sunspot Productions. To read every entry, check the sidebar labeled "Discography."

August 20, 2010

"Hood Certified" is C.Luk's latest mixtape. This was his second mixtape while living out in Philly, so his time there had to be evident in his songs. It starts off by Luk checking his voice mail, hearing well wishes from Fat Joe, Maino, Cassidy, Mario and Chubb Rock, and Michael Bivins from Bell Biv Devoe/New Edition among others who have tasted success in the entertainment industry.

The man formerly known as the "Asian Vin Diesel" always shows his personality while flaunting his lyrical skill. Tracks like "I Wanna Rock," and "The Checklist" (produced by G. Jonz) are examples of this. Luk also deals with many serious topics such as his struggles growing up ("My Life" and "Feel the Pain 2") and the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake ("Hero").

Along with The Chef getting a production cameo on Hood Certified, P.O.E.S. also contributed by producing "This Is How We Do." That track, as well as "Luk Out," "Keep It Movin" and "Light It Up," features Right Hook. Other features includes Liva, Scarfo Live, Showfa, Rich Nice and D'Amonte.

Click here to check out the first video from Hood Certified: Born to Rhyme. (Before you go, have you seen the mixtape cover?! It looks like a circus nightmare with an apocalyptic lava storm brewing in the background!)

Get Hood Certified by clicking here and downloading the entire project for free!

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