Sunday, March 20, 2016

Highlights of CTR2, Part 5: The In$idaz, Shizz, A-Class

Check The Recipe 2 is my latest mixtape which features 18 musical talents from the 781 area and beyond. I'll be giving some background info on some of the people involved in CTR2 in this entry. Sit back and take in some insight on the Recipe.

The In$idaz are a rap duo from Lynn MA. They're making their name known in the hip-hop community with beats to make you dance and a back-and-forth rap style that makes any groove they ride THAT much more infectious. The In$idaz influence was felt in both installments of the CTR series. You can hear them together on the high-energy song "How We Party" on CTR2.

Shizz made his impact felt on CTR 2 with Still Raw, which features seven other emcees (collectively known on the track as the Elite Eight). This talented lyricist brings a smooth delivery to his approach, yet he still accentuates the energy of the beat. I thought that this quality made him unique and, therefore, a perfect candidate to blend with the Elite Eight.

A-Class is a classic example of the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Hailing from Salem, MA, Class first linked up with Sunspot Productions on the One Night Stand project, featuring on Right Hook's "Mamacita." The positive feedback from that song led to a second team up between the two performers, which is how "IDK" was created. Here's hoping for future collaborations between Right Hook and A-Class!

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