Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Highlights of CTR2, Part 4: Ebbony Davis & POES

Check The Recipe 2 is my latest mixtape which features 18 musical talents from the 781 area and beyond. I'll be giving some background info on two of the people involved in CTR2 in this entry. Sit back and take in some insight on the Recipe.

At just over 18 years old, Ebbony Davis, who sings Air to Breathe on CTR2, has proven that she is a youth with ambition. She first began recording songs under the tutelage of G. Jonz and Thright Hook about 7 years ago, but she's been singing since she could talk. Since then, Ebbony has been honing her craft with voice lessons and has become a more well-rounded entertainer by joining Runna's ITM Step Squad. As of this writing, she has already sung with one of Berklee College's Music Groups at Boston's former Mayor Menino's retirement party. Below is footage of Ebbony with others on the first of Berklee's "Corner Spot" video-bio series.

The man known as POES (People Only Envy Strength) has worked with Sunspot for years. He first made waves with the Sunspot team by performing on the first Check the Recipe project, blessing us with lyricism for "You Like It" and "Huntin For The Game". Later, he impressed the masses again with his production skills by composing 8 out of 13 songs on One Night Stand, Sunspot's first R&B/pop album. Since moving to New York, POES has not slowed down as he has linked up with Perfect Connect and other notable names in the music industry. While in New York, he was still able to help out G. Jonz by laying down lyrics to the CTR2 song, "Nobody Has To Know". He's a talent who won't let anything stop him from his goals. Below, POES takes a Moment to Speak in the heart of the city.

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