Sunday, July 24, 2011

All We Needed Was One Night

In two years, we've given you 4 albums/mixtapes: Check The Recipe, One Night Stand, Hood Certified and Clearly Outspoken.

After promoting them on the streets, Facebook, Twitter and through videos, the next move HAD to be to give you a live show!

I worked with almost everyone who has worked with us on those 4 projects to cook up A Night Out with Sunspot and I must say that the night was incredible! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To fans, old and new: We will keep bringing you the music and entertainment that you love. Thanks for ridin wit us. Also, I wanna give very special shout-outs to DB, EP and the Twin Peaks and Pie crew for coming thru!

G. Jonz (in red) & Runna (in blue) Turning It Up for the crowd!

To the management staff at Tatiana's Restaurant & Lounge: I think I can speak for the entire Sunspot team when I say that we cannot thank you enough! Thank you for opening your doors to us and making us feel at home.

Right Hook reppin that cool spot in the heat - you know what it is!

To everyone who brought cameras/video equipment: THANK YOU! We probably should've taken a few ourselves, lol. (Shout out to Kevin D. for the pics in this blog entry!) Also, MASSIVE SHOUT-OUT TO BOSSLADYTEE FILMS. The video from the show is at the bottom of this entry. Subscribe to her YouTube page!

To ITM: Thanks for having that incomparable energy that you always bring! The dancing was great and we loved having you there! This won't the last time we link up!

Two hot Mamacitas from ITM join Right Hook on stage to give the show some added sizzle.

To everyone who brought home souvenirs, mixtapes, albums, etc: Enjoy yourself, especially with J-Dub's first mixtape, "Clearly Outspoken". He's only asking for 20 minutes of your time to listen. It'll be time well spent!
Pockets On Froze featuring Runna

Right Hook & Runna performing "Player" from One Night Stand.

All we needed was one night to show people that Sunspot can light up the stage and give you a great night of entertainment. A Night Out with Sunspot was the FIRST time that we've all performed together at our own show. On behalf of the entire Sunspot family, thank you for making it a success!

Now that that's behind us, things will go back to normal and we'll be working on new albums and new projects.

And another show...?

From left to right: J-Dub, G. Jonz, C.Luk, Runna, Right Hook, and DJ LT - toasting it up to A Night Out with Sunspot!

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  1. Fabulous!!! You all were absolutely awesome :):)