Sunday, May 8, 2011

Walk For Hunger Shenanigans

This post will mostly be pictures with blurbs about them. "Shenanigans" is a fun word to say.

I dedicated certain miles to certain things and people. Mile 1 was for Emely. Mile 20 was for Michael Scott. Mile 4 was for Big Jo and Little Jo. It seemed like Little Jo gave up at about Mile 12. We thought Big Jo had given up too, until we saw Jo's signature on the Mile 19 sign. It was an inspiration to our team.

Chestnut Hill Reservoir. The girl in the picture is my friend Sammee. Her blog is LoST.

Like "shenanigans," "tac0cat" is also fun to say.

Here's my fake smile. Take the picture and let's move the f*ck on. My feet are NOT happy feet.

Mile 17 was dedicated to my friend, Dave. There's no special meaning behind number 17. It was getting late in the Walk and I remembered that he really wanted to Walk For Hunger, but couldn't because he was working in a different state. This one's for you, Dave.

After I declared Mile 17 as "Dave's Mile," Mile 18 was declared John's Mile. The man actually took a bus to DC just hours after we finished this walk! Now, that's a hustle. John is also the mastermind and director of the "Kill Greg" film.

I just thought it was cool that there's a band out there called "Henry Gale." Did you know there's also a band called "Not Penny's Boat"?

Closing in on 20 miles, the cold air cut through us on the Mass Ave. Bridge. From left to right: Sammee, Huy and John.

And about those shoes...

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