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Sunspot Discography, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Sunspot Discography series. I'll be posting a short summary about every album and mixtape that's been released under Sunspot Productions. At the end of each entry, there will be a media player where you can listen to and download selected tracks from each CD. To read every entry, check the sidebar labeled "Discography."

August 2003
Mixtape: "F Wit Us"

The streets showed a lot of love for the cool spot in the heat after the first 3 CDs came out. Many lyricists and artists wanted to be involved with Sunspot, so "F Wit Us" was born. As of the posting of this entry, this is the only project (mixtape or album) to begin with one of our skit characters - Pookie. Along with Sunspot staples Runna, Right Hook, C.Luk and a young Quiet Storm, "F Wit Us" also has the most features we've ever had on one project. Matayo, KG, Shogun, Big Business & Shanks represented All Day Entertainment. We also had Big Brotha Sadi, Ana, and AB (performing with Runna as Mass Appeal). [Refining the Recipe (02.13.11): After thoroughly researching, I've found that "F Wit Us" actually has the most features for a mixtape with 8 people. The "Extradimensional" album holds the record for most features on any project - 11.]

March 2004
Mixtape: "Spectacles, Volume 2: Contact Lenses"

C.Luk wanted to release his third album, but it had been almost 2 years since "HIYA!" came out. The plan? To drop the second "Spectacles" mixtape to promote the third album as well as the latest singles from the Sunspot family. This mixtape was done in a radio show format. G. Jonz was the host, playing a parody of Boston radio DJ David Allan Boucher. Many topics were addressed in "Contact Lenses" including C.Luk becoming a Christian, the reason why he called his next album Blackface, and the "rivalry" between Sunspot and another music group. Singles from Runna (R U Wit Me featuring C.Luk), Right Hook (The Ho Down) and QS (Let's Go) were also on the mixtape with interviews from them as well.

June 25, 2004
Album: "Blackface"

"Blackface" was billed as C.Luk's retirement album, unless he achieved a higher plateau of success. At this point, the Happy Asian MC had more of a conscious flow, but with a Christian twist. The track "A Message: In" (featuring Runna) and three of the skits exhibited this. These skits revolved around Luk and actor Cristian DeJesus, who did a hilarious old man impersonation in the last skit of the album. Runna also appeared on this album with guitarist David Mancinelli on the track "We Jammin." Right Hook is featured with the songs "Asian Americans Say Hello" and "Let's Ride." The cover art was created by My Thai Phan.

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